Future group rides

Our St Neots cycling group rides have been running since 2009 and earlier this year I said to the local ranger volunteers and Sustrans that I intended to step down from the role as group coordinator at the end of 2018. To give others the chance to develop the group further. This is still the case. There have been repeated requests for others to join our ranks of volunteers with no one coming forward. Our group’s success has come from a few generously giving up their time to help promote our bike rides and keep a watchful eye on our section of the National Cycle Network. None of the current local rangers feel able to take up the post of group coordinator from January.

Therefore, it is likely that the ranger group will disband and bike rides under the supervision and support of Sustrans will cease after our ride on 9th December 2018.

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank all the ranger volunteers who, over those years, have devoted so much of their time and efforts to make our group so effective in helping more people cycle more often. With Sustrans great support and all our enthusiastic riders they have helped make cycling in and around St Neots much more sociable/achievable.

I do intend to continue being a volunteer with Sustrans, just not a group coordinator.

It is likely there will be an independent “Sunday Cycling Group” emerging for 2019 and please watch this space for more details.