St Neots Woodcraft Folk

Woodcraft Folk is an inclusive movement for children and young people. We run groups across the country for all ages aiming to help children improve their confidence and learn about the social [...]

St Neots Timebank

A Timebank is a way for people to share their knowledge and skills with their community and be rewarded for it – with time. For every one hour you volunteer you can claim back the same amount.

Vamps, St Neots

Vamps stage a popular musical or a variety show based on a theme attracting audiences of up to 300 people every night. We are an enthusiastic community theatre company, whose members are drawn [...]

St Neots Petanque League

We are a local Petanque league playing on Wednesday evenings at various public houses in the Cambridgeshire town of St Neots and surrounding area. Petanque (sometimes known as French Boule) is [...]

St Neots Folk Club

We have guest artists most weeks with the last Tuesday of each month reserved for a Round the Room night when anyone is welcome to come and play, sing or just listen.

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