Our aim is to bring Mexico’s rich culinary and vibrant street food scene in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Having completed my Hospitality Education in the US I came to work in the London Restaurants in 2002. The experience was a true eye opener and the passion for this industry made me want to try out my experience with different cuisines. Having managed the country’s largest Thai Restaurant for over 12 years with 350 covers – i moved on to set up a Japanese and a very successful Mexican.

Hence the passion for Mexican food came by. The variety of chillies and sauces that make the authenticity of the food was truly inspirational. Having worked with some of the best Mexican chefs in London, I acquired an in-depth knowledge on Mexican food and the variety it has to offer. Moreover it was relevant that it was a palate to be loved by all. We pride ourselves in the quality of our Mexican produce and the authenticity of our dishes. Having ventured my first own dream project in St. Neots – I wish to bring the true flavours of Mexican food to my customers.

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  • 12 High Street,St Neots.Cambridgeshire,PE19 1JA.
  • 014804 75767
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