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We provide accurate, relevant and clear information to help you appreciate who you are, by uncovering your past and building your family tree

Robert Parker, genealogist of www.myfamilygenealogy.co.uk has a wealth of experience and knowledge built through practical family history research. This is underpinned with professional genealogy and training qualifications.


  • Delivers training, as well as…
  • Research services and packages
  • Talks
  • One to one coaching
  • Written articles
  • Holds extensive experience of family history research
  • Possesses considerable knowledge in designing and delivering training
  • Is receptive to new concepts and ideas
  • Is proficient in managing complex projects
  • Is not a quitter! Completes tasks and doesn’t give up
  • Offers others patience and diplomacy
  • Is endowed with commitment as well as a sense of humour

Robert’s Qualifications:

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Genealogy
  • Certificate in researching House History
  • NVQ level 4 Training and Development, CIPD
  • Certificate in Training Practice, CIPD

My Family Genealogy, St Neots contact information

  • Robert Parker
  • Based in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, UK
  • 01480 212962 / 07803 129207
  • http://www.myfamilygenealogy.co.uk
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