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We train in Traditional Shotokan Karate and our club was originally established in St. Neots in 1981 by Sensei Balfor, Sensei Mc Nelly and Sensei Coppen. At that time the club was a member of the Traditional Association of Shotokan Karate (TASK, Bedford), with Chief Instructor Sensei John Van Weenen. This makes it one of the longest running clubs in the region.

Sensei Coppen continued to run the club, after the departure of Sensei Balfor and Sensei Mc Nelly, and in 1994 Sensei Kidby and Sensei Calver, both members of TASK, decided to join Sensei Coppen and create their own association. This association was called Central Federation of Traditional Shotokan (CFTS).

In 2000 Sensei Coppen announced his retirement from teaching due to ill health and injuries and handed the club over to Sensei Bottoms, Sensei Shepherd and Sensei Moss.

A new and demanding career in the police force made it very difficult for Sensei Moss to give the commitment required to instruct at the club, so reluctantly he made the decision to leave the running of the club to the other two instructors. He still, however, makes the odd appearance and trains at both St. Neots and Buckden.

2007 gave rise to a new association, Central England Shotokan Karate Association (CESKA). This association was created by Sensei Calver after his split from CFTS and St. Neots and Buckden clubs decided to follow him. It was also in this year that Sensei Bottoms announced his retirement from teaching due to a severe back problem.

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